Coffee In, Headshots Out Mug

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Designed for all gaming enthusiasts and FPS lovers, this mug is a perfect tribute to popular games like Counter Strike, PUBG, and Valorant.

Featuring a sniper crosshair design surrounded by bullet holes scattered all over, this mug is sure to bring out your inner sharpshooter.

Surrounding the crosshair are bullet holes that give the impression of a battle-tested and rugged surface.

The bold statement, “Coffee In, Headshots Out,” not only cleverly plays on the act of enjoying your coffee but also ties in with the shooter theme by referencing the in-game achievement of scoring headshots.

This fusion of gaming culture and coffee enjoyment creates a unique and visually striking mug that would undoubtedly appeal to fans of FPS games and those who appreciate a touch of humor in their daily routine.

It’s a perfect choice for gamers and coffee enthusiasts alike, combining two passions into one eye-catching and conversation-starting piece.


– Microwave-safe
– Dishwasher-safe
– Rounded corners
– Lead and BPA-Free
– C-shaped easy-grip handle


11 OZ:

– Height: 3.74 Inches
– Diameter: 3.15 Inches

15 OZ:

– Height: 4.72 Inches
– Diameter: 3.39 Inches


– White


– White Ceramic

Coffee In, Headshots Out Mug
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